Monday, April 17, 2006

DVD Marathon

for the holy week, my family just stayed at home and had a DVD marathon. and in most of the movies we've watched, made me realize some things.

If Only

the story is about a couple and the guy is not really sweet to his girlfriend and not really vocal with the way he feels. then one day, his gf died and the next day, his gf was alive again. as if everything was just a nightmare.

it made me realize that even if my ex would have a new gf and would forget about me, it will be okay, as long as my ex won't die.


"Live in my house, I'll be your shelter. Just pay me back with 1,000 kisses... I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love. Now I know you can rent it, a new lease you are my love."

when i heard the song, i said to myself: "Hey! that's the song of ace for me before." hehehe. something we can't also buy is our life. our lives are just lent out to us by God. and we can show our appreciation to Him by taking care of our lives.

The Godfather Trilogy

i think it was a Godfather week for a lot of people. my family watched it, and i was surprised to learn that a number of my sister's friends watched it also for the weekend.

"Don't hate your enemies, it will cloud your judgment" - Godfather II

so true! that is why when i am pissed off with someone, i just go for a walk, or go to the Blessed Sacrament. especially if it's work-related. coz i don't want my work to be tainted by my anger.

and the favorite of my sister and her friends.. "This is the price you pay for the life you choose" - Al Pacino, Godfather III

i believe every action we do, there is a price we have to pay. every decision we make has its own consequences. and for the life i'm living now? i did not choose this. coz if i would have a choice, this would not be my choice. but i believe that the life i'm living now is the result of all the decisions i made in life. big or small.


iyna said...

this is the price you pay for the life you choose

nuninuninu... wala lang. basta.

hehehe. mwah!

Abaniko said...

I love that part in Godfather where the brother was killed in the boat at dusk and "Hail Mary" was recited. Very cinematic and dramatic.

meigh said...

i'd love to have a dvd marathon too, but tv's busted, and my dvd rom won't work, aaarrgghhh!!!

Ayie said...

Heya friend! Glad to be back. Remember my girl28 blog before? Hmm. How are you?

dreaming-neko said...

which one did you like the most?
and how's my tour coming along? :P

Duke said...

THE GODFATHER is one of my favorite movies. I love the second of the trilogy with Robert De Niro.
Did you know that I fell asleep watching Rent the movie?Weird no?!

tin-tin said...

iyna: nuninuninu.. can relate ba? hahaha

abaniko: yup. and the assassin really waited for the prayer to be finished. bait diba? hehe

meigh: vcd marathon na lang. hehe. or book-reading :)

ayie: hi!

neko: the movie that i like most or the line that i like most? movie: Godfather. line: the song from rent. hehe. and your tour is coming along fine :)

duke: you fell asleep watching Rent?!?! and to think it's musical. weird nga. hehe

ie said...

hi. i super like rent. grabe. wala lang. :]