Monday, January 09, 2006

Light Within

This morning during the flag ceremony, I was tasked to give out the inspirational message. Promise! I had a hard time thinking of a topic. As my YM status message said the other day, “Inspirational message?! Di nga ako mainspire eh.” After browsing all the teachings of BLD, I came across a story which I used. The story of the matchstick. How he admired the light, and after being rubbed in a rough surface, he realized that the light is just within him.

As I practiced to read aloud my speech, I realized that the speech is for me. I did not ask kanina how my speech went. Because as I pray everytime I share, that there’ll be one heart that will be blessed by my sharing. With my speech this morning, I know a heart was blessed. My heart.

Ang galling lang! Coz last Saturday night, I was in the brink of crying because I can’t see where I am now. Then my speech. Then the prayer meeting, Gwadz prayed over me. Without telling her what to pray for coz I really don’t know what, she said the right words. What I want to happen in my life.. to be perfect for God. I guess right now, that’s what really matters for me. How to be perfect for God. And with all that’s happening with my life, I am like the matchstick, being rubbed in a rough surface to emit light. Sabagay, kung walang rough surface sa life ko, wala akong sharing.
P.S. Special thanks to Bro. Arun for sharing the story of the matchstick. Dru, for the notes you tirelessly e-mail us. And to Ace for editing my speech.


mei said...

that's a good point. we are all matchsticks waiting to be rubbed on life's rough surfaces to emit light! and once that light is in us, i'm sure people around us will also be enlightened. that's it girl, keep sharing 'em your light! =]

tin-tin said...

sabi nga sa Bible diba, if you cover the light, it's nonsense. so, share it :)