Thursday, March 25, 2004

I love to eat, as obviously seen in my body. I also love trying out new restaurants. One of my goals is to try out all the restaurants in Greenbelt 2 and 3 before, if ever, they’ll close down. Another dream is to be a food/ restaurant critic in magazines or newspapers. But I doubt that it can happen since I am not a professional writer and writing is one of my waterloos. That’s why I had been thankful with blog somehow, at least I can express my thoughts and practice being a critic. Hehe.

Anyway, last Saturday was the graduation of my brother, Eric, from Grade7. And just as any family after graduation, we dined out. My dad suggested that we should eat in Greenbelt since I’ll be coming from Makati, and maybe he’s thinking that in this way he’ll not spend much. But me and my siblings goal is to squeeze to the last centavo all the money of my dad. So, my sister suggested Nuvo, a fine dining restaurant in Greenbelt2. The place is known for it’s being a fine dining restaurant. Of course, we tried what could be the most expensive meal. Some food fancy me, however, it seems like the resto is fond of goose liver so much, that almost every meal has goose liver for its sidings. I am not fond of goose liver. So, I settled with blue marlin with prawns. As for other fine dining restos, this is not a place for heavy eaters. This is an ideal place for those who are on diet or who are in a date and doesn’t want to eat a lot. Food arrive in less time. I liked the prawns, however, the blue marlin is a little salty. The rice had been good for me its serving was half-cup, since this is my ideal serving of rice. My brother ordered tenderloin steak, which is tasty (I’ve tried it) and the sidings of baked potatoes are cooked in a healthy way. But I should have ordered the same as the one beside our table since they have to call the chef and commend him. Maybe, it would be more satisfying for me if I have tasted the food same as hers.

One of my fetish are the washrooms. I want to know if they’re clean and homey. Scary person as I am, there are many washrooms that were really scary to use. Scary could mean from dirty to really scary as in I am scared that I could find a ghost. In Nuvo, the washroom was of a size that can accommodate two to three people. But the unique thing about their washroom and that most will remember is their sink. The sink was of flat design. It is like a make-up room, where you can place down your things while you fix yourself, since it is of a flat design. You would not think of it as a sink except that it has a faucet above it, attached to the window. There is no drainage even, and no sign of where the water will go. Honestly, I was thinking twice if it was a sink. Then I tried it and yes it is a sink. Where does the water go? It goes down to the side of the mirror. How it goes there and not the other side? Well, I think you better ask an architect.

If asked if I will try Nuvo again, I definitely will, and I wish by that time I will ask for the chef and commend him for a job well done.

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