Saturday, February 13, 2016

2015: Finally!

2015 had been a year where i have said "Finally" a lot of times. there had been a lot of first times that happened that year that i have wished for and finally came true. to show you what i mean:


9 - Spammers is complete - who are the Spammers? they are my college friends (from different batches) who I chat with almost everyday. the group is named spammers because before we would be sending emails every minutes, that it's like spam mails. even in the chat, nonsense conversations would be found. but when we meet, there would always be one missing (sometimes it would even be me). so after a long time, finally! the Spammers is complete.

10 - Meeting Thinz in Person - i've known Thinz for a decade but only online. she knows my story, i know hers. we're updated with each other. but we never saw each other in person until the year 2015.

14 - CRMD Reunion - we've moved on to different companies. only a few are left. but i believe our bond is still there. and after how many years, i again saw them. except for healthy eating, it's like nothing's changed.

18 - Seeing the Pope - i've always been thinking before on why i didn't join the World Youth Day when it was held here in the Philippines, so this time i really tried to find ways on how i can see the Pope. and i was blessed to find a way while serving.

27-Feb.1 Spammers in Korea - it's an answered prayer for, i've been praying that i could visit Korea with the Spammers since i get judged by them for being a kpop fan. hehe

and finally! i've tried jokbal (pig's feet). this is the food that i told my sister back in 2011 hat i want to try but it's only during the 2015 visit that i tried it.


6 - Welcome back Jassy - Jassy, one of the angels, now works in Australia. and for the first time since she went there, she went home and met us.

24-29 - JAPAN! -finally! i was able to go to Japan. it's a dream trip for me especially since i love Jdoramas and somehow other Jpop stuff. and it didn't disappoint. i would like to go back soon. i would like this to become my fatherland (since my friends and i refer to Korea as motherland). hehe.

and finally! i saw sakura! or better known as cherry blossoms! a few days after, my timehop showed that i've posted 2 years ago that i want to see cherry blossoms and i said that i believe it will happen soon. and it did! thank You Papa God.


5 - Backstreet Boys Concert! - I have been a Backstreet Boys fan for the longest time. I know almost all of their old songs. so when i heard that they're coming back to the Philippines, i just have to watch it. and i did!


3 - Seeing my lamb Cory - after ___ number of year, finally! i again saw my lamb. we sometimes do talk via text but still we don't see each other. i have not even seen my goddaughter. that's why it's great that i saw her again and we were able to talk/

15 - Lunch with Jewel and Jonathan - we're practically neighbors. i think it's been more than a year where we said that we would have milktea together, but still it doesn't happen. and out of the blue, when i'm feeling so blue.. i asked them if they want to meet up after an hour and have lunch together. viola! we saw each other! yes, it's not milktea, but it's better than nothing.


16-19 - Busan! - it's always Seoul. now we went to the other side of the country. Busan!

and I got to eat live octopus! finally!


31 - new year in another country! - it's my first time to welcome new year in another country. we're surprised with how quiet Seoul is especially when you're from the Philippines where as early as 7pm, you will hear fireworks already just from your neighbor. so it's a surprising change

now i wonder what my 2016 would be like. i hope next year my blog title to describe 2016: Dreams Do Come True