Sunday, October 06, 2013

A Day in the Park

i have never written in this blog about my visit in korea. i had posted about kpop and food but the places i have visited, not yet. as much as i love hongdae (i always stay there) or dolce vita, or any other place in south korea, i'll start with Yeouido Park. if you are to visit korea, i really recommend that you also visit a park. 

so what's good about Yeouido Park? it's a park in the middle of the government and banking district of seoul. it's a big place that would really be nice to stroll around or to have your exercise.

the funny thing when we visited, there are cats that kept on following us.

it even posed for a picture when i tried to took a picture.

then you can pass this informative tunnel..

and when you go out the other side of the tunnel.. wow! the view is simply breathtaking

near here, you can put locks also just like in Namsan Tower.

or just simply sit there and enjoy it as a swing.

and if you're lucky, you can watch some events there

all i can say is you can simply relax and enjoy your stay in the park.
remember, even if you're traveling, you still need to stop and relax. you'll enjoy your vacation  more. :)

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