Tuesday, March 20, 2012


i 'm not a good friend. trust me. example.. i have a friend who is vegetarian. but i always forget and will order meaty food. it will be my sister who will remind me that my friend is vegetarian.

so when this friend invited us to eat in a vegetarian restaurant. i said okay even if i'm not a fan of vegetables. and the other reason is to be able to try a restaurant in maginhawa st. oh well, it's not really in maginhawa, but at least close to that. hehe.

surprisingly, even if they're composed of vegetables. it's yummy! and it doesn't taste like vegetables, not even veggie meat.

let's start with Taro Chips. my sister loved it. she even bought some to take home, and still craved for it afterwards. it is also served with soy-mirin sauce (like kikoman). for chip lovers, you would love this. try it, at least this is healthy.

Mango Tango (with mango vinaigrette)

Tofu Lemongrass Skewers (with chili-garlic sauce & alfalfa)

Stuffed Semi-dried Tomatoes (with brown rice, mushroom salpicao & orange leek salad)

Vegetable Kare-kare with Vegan Bagoong Brown Rice

the restaurant

the very nice staff. really nice

the pastries that they sell

chocolate chip cookies

ice cream

sorry, i need to post the pictures already. and i have a headache & i'm not good in describing things so i'll just end here.

anyway, in summary, it's a good restaurant. warm ambience, nice staff, delicious food, not expensive, it's worth your money. and remember, it's healthy food :)

and if you've tried the restaurant, you can write your opinion in the comment section. and if you have any questions, just message me.


Henry said...

Seriously! vegetable dishes doesn't taste like vegetable? OK, hindi masyado masarap gulay peru masustansya kung masarap dito mas maganda. ^_^

bijou-wel said...

Ako ba ung "friend"? haha!
Pero I'm not vegetarian by definition! :-P

jassy said...

nabasa ko na tong resto na to sa blog ni patty okay ba yung price nya? :) punta tayo dito kapag successful na ako sa healthy lifestyle ko :)

Coleman said...

I want to eat more vegies than meat starting today. the problem is, there's not that many restos around for people like me. The few ones in town are grossly expensive that I feel insulted every time I dine there. I feel people laughing at my stupidity for paying so much for a few pieces of grass.

Coleman said...

Just when I'm looking for veggie meal ideas..

Thanks for the post.

Snappy said...

Bigla akong nagutom sa mga pagkain na na-post mo heheh.

Charles Ravndal said...

OOohh I should try making those tofu skewers! The food really looks good!