Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Wish

to be honest, i told myself way back that i'll not post another bday wishlist. but i can't help myself. am posting one again. hehehe. before making your christmas list, consider my bday list first, okay? my bday comes before xmas anyway. hehehe.

  1. an all expense paid out of the country trip
  2. an all expense paid out of manila trip
  3. free roundtrip out of the country airfare ticket
  4. free roundtrip out of luzon airfare ticket
  5. free businessclass roundtrip ticket
  6. a free spa treatment
  7. a free make-over (tristan!!!! happy birthday to you)
  8. a boyfriend! hahaha
yes i know it's mostly about free travel. but what i really like is that my day would be special in a good way :)


ann said...

Hi Tin! Alam mo mali yung numbering ng wishes mo. Dapat #1 yung boyfriend para matupad lahat yung mga kasunod, o di ba?

Anonymous said...

May pagka-wanderlust ka pala. Travel here and there.

Ako kaya, kelan ako makakapunta sa Tokyo at Vienna?

Advance/Belated happy rakenrol birthday! :D

emcee said...

natawa ako dun sa make-over sabay happy birthday tristan! hahaha

advance happy birthday tin!

tin-tin said...

hahaha ate ann. tama yan. baka pag inuna ko yung boyfriend isipin nila sugar daddy hanap ko. hehehe

thanks jake! saya kse magtravel/magbakasyon

syempre emcee. kse yun ang gift sa kanya diba? na di ko alam if matutuloy. sabihin ba natin sa kanya ang plano? hehehe

kyels said...

That is quite a birthday wishlist na!


Tristan Tan said...

hahaha - who would have thought I'd find you here too... kilala mo ako at kilala din kita,.. ssshhh... quiet ka lang. ;)

Rey said...

I guess you can have all of that if you marry. A roundtrip ticket, a vacation, a great getaway and a guy-- all wrapped in one package called Honeymoon. hehe.

caryn said...

hey, re your query on my blog, if you click on the "studying in japan" or "scholarship" tags, i wrote about this in a previous post ;-)

it's at:


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I hope Santa Claus is monitoring your blog and he will grant you all your wishes. Anyway, Happy Birthday my friend and may all your secret dreams in life be realized and may God shower you with countless blessings and graces. Thanks for the wishing post. God bless you always my friend.

bw said...

oo nga naman bakit nauna pa ang spa treatment sa boyfriend :)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

sana makuha mo #8 soon

happy bday tin!


freeze said...

sa lahat, mukhang ang last ang pinaka mahirap na task. hihihi

RennyBA said...

so your finally coming to norway to claim your free lunch now then :lol:

Richard said...

Do you have any particular place you want to go?

I have never been much inspired to travel. I prefer the company of good friends, so the location doesn't matter to me.

I have only two places I want to go to: Japan and Antarctica. Unfortunately, those are not on Sofia's list of places to go, so it will probably be a long time before I ever travel there.

Anonymous said...

eh sugar daddy ata hanap mo tin.seriously, tingin ko may makakatupad ng mga pangarap mo..yung kasama mo nag horseback riding sa tagyatay sa isang kabayo