Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Great Love

this is a report from my Multiply. and I was surprised coz Meyms texted me that when she searched for one great love in Google, my post was on second page. hehe. and i have nothing to post, so i'm just re-posting this.

because of Maalaala Mo Kaya (episode of Eddie Garcia and Gloria Romero), Meyms texted us who is our one great love. the replies ranged from serious answers to michael scofield.

Jassy asked something about having a feelings for someone but after awhile when you meet again, it'll be a different feeling altogether. i asked.. how would you define one great love? you can't say tit's the person you're inlove with from eversince to the present, coz if it is, it'll be unfair to your present partner. i opened the topic to my friends who were with me, they answered (especially emcee)...

according to Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, and Boston Legal, there are 2 great loves not one. first is the idealist and the second is the realist. idealist, your ideal one great love... and the realist, the one who would save you or catch you when you become broken hearted with the idealist.

i think that's right. with all the replies yesterday, they all had their one great love.. a part of their past.. but i think they would still meet another great love. this great love would be for forever, maybe that person would be the greatest love. hehe.

as for me, my friends said they know who my one great love is. and i think i know who they are saying. i don't know. as i said in my text reply.. "too early to tell." maybe they're right about my one great love. maybe siya yung idealist.. coz i know one day i would meet my realist :)


TK said...

I'm actually aiming for that michael scofield look (Okay. too glitzy. whatabout Albert Martinez circa scorpionights2?)

seriously, 2 Great Loves eh... A cancer patient once told me something similar: There's always one woman out there that you can never have, that you shouldn't have. She is that certain sadness in your eyes that people see when you remember her smile.

so sometimes, permit us to stare in the distance, because in those short times we are actually measuring eternity

with our grief,
with what can never be,
with what should never be.

It's never a sin to remember one's grief, Tin.

Toe said...

Mental Garden of Eden. You undress your mind but you feel no shame.

tutubi philippines said...

such an optimistic views on life...may you meet him soon

manilenya said...

Sana kahit man lang isa dyan sa dalawa e masilo ko ano lol!!

parang agree ako sa sinabi ng babaing yan ha :)

kyels said...

May you meet the one great love soon ate.


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Sidney said...

Wish you meet your eternal life soon !

Wil said...

What if the ideal one for me is also a realist? :p

Anonymous said...

What if the realist comes before the idealist? Pwede ba yun ? hehe :)

Love becomes complicated when you try to rationalize about it too much.

As they say "If you have love, you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have "

TK said...


RennyBA said...

And when you meet him, you will know and feel what's right for you and worth waiting for - good luck!

Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

octavarium said...

ui share ko lanmg... sa tingin ko., walang perfect love na sinsabing "darating din ung perfect love ko..."
parang sa king pananaw, it's how the two of you will make it prefect. ewan ko ba, basta un ung aking pananaw. c",)