Saturday, February 23, 2008


"Purpose, it's that little flame that lights a fire under your ass. Purpose, it keeps you going strong like a car with a full tank of gas. Everyone else has a purpose so what's mine? I don't know how I know but I'm gonna find my purpose. I don't know where I'm gonna look but I'm gonna find my purpose. What will it be? Where will it be? My purpose in life is a mystery. Gotta find my purpose Gotta find me" - Princeton, Avenue Q

these past weeks this is what i'm thinking. what is my purpose? what is my purpose in this life? seriously, i've been thinking about this.

how about you? do you know your purpose?

another topic.. i'm sorry if i don't post that much nor visit your blogs. am really busy these days.


manilenya said...

tanong ko rin sa sarili ko yan noon at ngayon at di ko alam kung kailan ako matatapos magtanong ng ganyang klaseng tanong :( ayaw kong magsalita ng nakakapagod na. Pero syempre it's about time na iba naman sana ang itanong ko sa sarili ko diba?

kyels said...

My purpose; to see the world gain peace and love. And also for myself to achieve my goals in life.


TK said...

nagbabasa ka ba ngayon o nabasa mo na ba ang "purpose driven life?"

I've read it too.

kung may pari kang confessor or friend, Tin, I suggest you read it with him. It's not a catholic book and you may not want to stay in the ancient church after reading it.

anyway, kilala mo ba si Marydor? econsoc sya. click mo link na "MJ" sa blog ko para mapunta ka sa livejournal nya.

Anonymous said...

Unless you are asking why we are all here, then I don't know the answer hehe :)

I think in Pinas our purpose is much simpler - grow up, finish college, marry and have kids :) Here young people have more options hence they marry and sometimes don't even marry fearing that family might derail the success they are enjoying or the lifestyle that they cannot imagine losing :)

I always believe in the saying " the grand essentials of life are - something to do, something to love and something to hope for".

If you have the three , ( note it did not say somebody to love), then life will have a purpose :)

Ethyl Alcohol said...

"Never forget that the purpose for which a man lives is the improvement of the man himself, so that he may go out of this world having, in his great sphere or his small one, done some little good for his fellow creatures and labored a little to diminish the sin and sorrow that are in the world." -William E. Gladstone

ann said...

Ayoko rin itanong sa sarili ko yan kasi sa ngayon kuntento ako sa buhay na meron ako.

DianeCA said...

I have to believe that we have a purpose in life, although I have no idea what it is. I think the sceme is so grand and complicated most of us never find out. But if we don't have a purpose then we are just wandering around meaningless...and I can't handle that! So therefor I believe we have a purpose!

kingofchocolates said...

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. As for our purpose, I'm not sure if I already have an idea or if I am already starting to fulfill it already.

I do think I have one minor purpose though: maging takbuhan ng mga kaibigan ko for problems, and to offer them a sensible and objective advice. Do I pretend to be a know-it-all? Hindi no! Minsan nga nagtataka ako kung saan ko pinagpupulot mga advices ko. Tapos bigla na lang, my friends would tell me, "You were right.." Haha!

RennyBA said...

Good question and of course there is a purpose, but like you said; its hard to find. I think especially since it tends to shift all the time. First it was to grew up, the to get an education, the to rise a family and your children and then to find out who you are. I'm still working on it :-)

Richard said...

No! No! Don't start on this path, it will never end. I've been trying to find my purpose for the past 7 years without success (ok, I really think my purpose is to have coffee, lunch, dinners and deep conversations with pretty women, but Sofia and my bank account won't support that).

When I was younger, I thought my purpose was to be good person. That hasn't changed. However, I think I need something a little more concrete, something a little more specific.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tin-tin,
To be able to know your purpose in life, you must be able to know who you are and what you really want in life. Then you must relate that to what God wants from you. To know that, you have to ask God what He wants from you. His answer will be your purpose in life. I agree with tk, you can read the book A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and it will open your eyes to the many possibilities in life. God bless.

Ferdz said...

Natawa ako sa first line, hehe pwedeng. Purpose is kicking yourself at the butt. Hahaha.

Naku, lalim ng usapan yan. I guess our purpose is to "create whatever you want to create"? :P

Toe said...

To eat chocolate? :)

Seriously... we're here for other people. What would your family and your other loved ones do without you? You're here for them. We're also here to help those who need us.

TK said...

PASTOR rick warren's "Purpose driven life" should not be read on your own, Tin. Read it with a Priest or a catholic who is older and has survived attempts of other religions to convert him/her. after reading it and if it makes you feel the urge to leave the catholic faith to fulfill your "purpose" in life, you talk it over first with your family and friends who are catholic too. You belong to Mark 10, right? Seek the counsel of Priests who are experts in guiding young adults who are questioning the faith of your parents and grandparents.

and Mel, sir, you may want to check out Bo Sanchez. and Paul Coelho too. Nabasa mo na "The Alchemist," Tin?

Lizeth said...

i think my purpose in life is to make the people that i love..that matters to me..happy, kasi when they're happy, it also brings happiness to me.

Talamasca said...

Look who's having her MID-LIFE CRISIS now! I kid, I kid! :-)

Anyhorse, I'm all hoping that you will get to identify your life's purpose. Peace out.