Monday, December 20, 2010


let me sing first: "2010 big bang.. uh-huh.. it goes.."

2010 is an unforgettable year. lots of things happened this year that don't happen regularly. good and sad things happen but comparing to 2009, i like 2010 more. yes, even if i lost papa this year, i still don;t consider 2010 a bad year. so what's different with 2010? let me count the ways:

1. i traveled all by myself. well, it still seems like not travelling on my own coz it is just like i went to makati and met with friends. everyday i had lunch and dinner dates with friends. my time alone was only 2 hours a day. hahaha. but that travel really made me feel blessed with friends. thank you my dear friends.

2. i DJ-ed online. it was a fun experience. will try to do it more often next year. hehe.

3. had a lunchdate with Papa on a weekday. of course, it won't happen again. but it was really memorable for me coz Papa was the only one i had a lunchdate on a work day. i don't meet friends during lunchtime when i'm at work.

4. first time to travel with my sister and friends at the same time. and got to explore the streets on my own looking for a church and hearing mass all by myself even if i don't understand a word said. hehehe. also it's possible to still be able to fly even if you leave 5pm from qc and your flight is at 7pm. hahaha.

5. attended youth camp for the first time. i may be the oldest participant but still i had lots of fun. and this year, somehow i am like a part of the youth ministry again. and became participative with bld activities

6. resigned from work even if i still don't have a work. and til now i still don't have a fulltime work, but i don't regret my decision. it was like Papa God was arranging everything for me.

7. first time to travel to tagaytay just by commuting and all by myself

8. becoming a tutor

9. this year my sister met most of my friends

10. i didn't attend any weddings. if last year i had been so active in weddings as part of entourage or mass. this year, i only got invited once (as a guest) and i was not able to attend

11. papa passed away. but am happy that i got spend time with him in the hospital even if all we did was fight. hehehe.

12. super backache. as in i can't stand. i don't want to experience that again

(edit: added 13 & 14)

13. for the first time in my 30 years of existence, i didn't go to the beach this year

14. my bday was great, full of surprises. received video greetings from friends (i really love it). received a special cake delivery. started my bday week with a korean dinner and ended my bday with a korean dinner + noraebang

after writing the above, i realized that most of the things that are memorable to me are good things. that is why i know i am blessed. but it was not only good or fun memories for 2010, there also had been those that really made me down. and having an outlet really helped me keep my sanity. that is why i am thankful for my online outlet. and to all those who read my everyday rants, raves, spazzings, thank you! thank you! thank you for your patience.

i may not have been to a new place this year, nor went to the beach (first time after 30 years), i am sure 2011 would bring me more fun adventure and new places to explore.

i am still thankful for 2010. and i am now claiming that 2011 would be a wonderful and really blessed year for me, for all of us :)