Monday, July 31, 2006

am i weird?

i'm back!!! after a very busy week, and i guess another week ahead, i got the chance to check out other people's blogs again and my email! hehehe. and what i've discovered? i've been tagged thrice! waah! i'll first do the tag that i received from snglguy and toe.

6 Weird Things About Me

1. sleeping with a pillow covering my face, or my hands if i don't have an extra pillow - i guess this is not weird anymore since snglguy does that also and so does others. but i thought it was somehow weird. coz when i was still really young, my dad would always tell my brother when i sleep: "Look at your Ate, she's covering her face again. she's ashamed of her face." honestly, i'm not. i'm just comfortable that way

2. everyday there's a blooper - promise!! as in everyday. before it would always be, i'll trip over or i'll get wounded. now, there's more. basta! bloopers everyday

3. i cry when i'm mad - i just cry. if ever i still talk to you and tell you not to talk to me, that means, i can still forgive you easily. but if i'm really totally pissed off at you, i just cry.

4. i find myself sexy - yup, that's weird! coz even if i know that i'm chubby, i still find myself sexy. nasa pagdadala. hahaha

5. i used to have lots of pimples - i included this because when i tell my friends who didn't know me when i was in highschool, they don't believe me. yes! i used to have really many pimples. my uncle would tell me that i don't have a face but a pimple. all i can say is thanks to the derma. hehe

6. i hate cockroaches! - there's nothing weird about it except that i don't want to see them. not even if they're just in tv, movies or pictures. and if for example i'm taking a bath and there's a cockroach, i'll really shout and really ask anybody in our house to kill it. i just hate them! especially the flipis (right, yuri?)

after writing this. i realized something.. i guess, i'm not weird at all :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

thank you

i have felt a little (little???) down last week, until the weekend. and i don't know why i posted my feelings here. maybe because i really need to be prayed for coz i'm losing hope. and honestly, i was amazed by the response i got. wow! i felt that you guys really care. and getting from first-time visitors wishes and prayers really touched my heart. and from my blogger-friends (yup, i already consider you as my friends), wow! thank you so much. the hugs, the prayers, the wishes, everything just made me smile and brightened my day. and jase, honestly, i felt your prayers. i really did. lakas nyong lahat kay God. hehehe. thank you so much.

is this awards night? hahaha. don't react. this is my moment. hahaha.

and i want to share to you my dear readers a challenge from a meme done by a very artistic architect, Artkitekto Rey. and look, the drawing really looks like me. even the mole. rey, bilib talaga ako sayo! you're really talented. and sweet for doing this. thank you so much..

Sunday, July 23, 2006


i did not have a great week. i was in an angry mode and not at its finest. hahaha. and the weekend is not even great at all. i don't know. i just really feel bad. i feel like i've lost my self-respect and that i want to kill myself. for the first time in my life i contemplated on killing myself. i never entertained suicide coz i was afraid of hell. but now, i don't know. what happened? nothing really. i just feel so bad. i did not do anything really bad, it's just that i feel like everything is going downhill. everyday, i send morning prayers to my friends. those morning prayers are really applicable to me. but you know what? it's like i don't feel the power of prayer. sorry Papa God.

and what am i blabbing about? i don't know. haay... ang labo ko talaga. can i ask a favor? can you pray for me? thank you...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

challenging meme

got this from snglguy. i found it challenging because if there's anyone who's gonna respond to this, it's gonna be a challenge to think of the answers. hehe. here's how it is...

If you comment on this post, I will…

1. respond with something random about you.

2. challenge you to try something.

3. pick a color that I associate with you.

4. tell you something I like about you.

5. tell you my first/clearest memory of you.

6. tell you what animal you remind me of.

7. ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you.

8. pick a song that reminds me of you.

After I respond to the above mentioned 8 points in this blog, you will have to post the same meme, and my response, on your blog.

so, now i have to respond to snglguy's response.

Tin-tin> Oh, the food lover. Hehe, ok here goes…

Random: You impress me as someone who’s spiritual and yet at the same time, a rebel.

weird! coz i think that's the perfect description for me. friends who are really close to me and knows my story would know what i mean.

Challenge: I challenge you to try to be closer to your Dad.

hmmm... looks easy. hahaha. i'm trying to be close to him now. i just helped him the other day to fix our printer. hahaha

Color: Errr, Pink? You seem like a Pink loving kinda gurl…

actually, i just started loving pink recently. and you know what? for this week, pink is my color. my clothes should be pink or close to the shade of pink. hehe

Like: I like that you can be honest about yourself and it shows in your writings.

wow! thank you! :)

Memory: Uhhh, the best memory about you that I can think of? Err, that nice and uplifting comment you made in one of my post.

ummm... really? i did? what was my comment. sorry. i have a short term memory gap. hehe

Animal: A Pussycat. You can purr but at the same time have sharp claws.

i don't like cats pa naman. but i like your description. hahaha

Question: Who was the “inspiration” guy that you wrote in one of your entry?

wow! now i'm amazed with your memory. you still remember that? hehehe. he is an officemate that had been an inspiration. nothing more :)

Song: Hmmm, I think it would be Bette Midler’s “From a Distance”.

from a distance?? isn't this song about wars? hehehehe

there you go! any challengers? hehehe :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

drug test

last night, my brother gave my mom a note from school. the school is going to perform a drug-test to all its highschool students, just like what they did last year. my brother is in junior now, so that means, last year when he was srtill in 2nd year high, he had that kind of test. he confirmed that he had one last year. of course, there's no positive substance found in his body.

but i was just shocked to learn that they're performing this kind of test now to highschool students. i just encountered that when i was already applying for work. is drugs really that widely used that even kids use it? i'm just shocked to hear that kids of my brother's age use drugs, get someone pregnant, etc. maybe because i still see my brother as a little boy even if he's already 16 years old. could it be because i'm 10 years older than him?

Friday, July 14, 2006


i want to post something but i can't really think of a topic. so i just decided to post about the good things i get from blogging, particularly from reading blogs...

first, i get to be updated with the stories of my friends who i have not seen for a very long time like duke, carme and lanee. and those i don't see often like elaine and julie. and for those i see often, their blogs would always be the start of conversation, like ate jopay and kuya marvin?

i've also learned a lot of stuff. like jimmy choo, popularity of pinoy telenovelas in cambodia, the love united video, the comment whore, nice restaurants, that john the baptist is known as st. hans, great movie picks, mrs. world 2006 fiasco, blogssary, news on inq7 (hehehe), brandon routh in the christina aguilera mtv, and a blog template experiment (where i was not successful).

and i just love the personal stories of these fabulous and fantastic people: mai, duke, mai, neko, jhed, carey, melai, yuri, and jase!

Monday, July 10, 2006

sarap kumain!

can't think of an appropriate english title. hehe. i love to eat. so now you know why i'm chubby. i love exploring the restaurants of metro manila and elsewhere. i know my talent is in cooking that's why i love to try out food. and a good bonding moment with your friends is when you have coffee/lunch/dinner with them. here are some pictures of my eating escapades. hehe.

takaw talaga noh? :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Freaky Tech and Savior

it's like technology hates me...

last night a friend sent his picture to my phone thru mms. i can't open it at first so i asked him to send it again. he sent it, but i managed to open it only after an hour. and when i opened it, it was my cousin!!!! i was surprised. told him about it, and resent the picture to him. he texted me saying that it is his picture. no way! the picture that i received was my cousin. and when i showed my family the picture, they all said the same thing, "it's julie!" (my cousin). my cousin is now living in the USA and as soon as i saw the picture, i said a prayer for her coz it really freaked me out.

then this morning, my friend Gwadz who is in the USA now called me up. she asked me if i receive her emails. i don't. and she doesn't receive my emails. it's just so weird. coz both of us had already sent emails before. and now that she's far, we don't receive it.

on a different topic. i've already seen superman returns! superman told lois lane that eveyone needs a savior. it made me think. who is my savior? then it occured to me, it's Jesus! and my guardian angel. the story.. my friend and i rode a cab on the way home. and because the driver is not friendly and i was not in the mood to be friendly also. i just told my friend to drop me off at quezon ave., and i'll just take another cab from there. there were no commuters in the place, and i was really afraid. so, i really prayed to Jesus and of course my guardian angel. i really believe in guardian angels. and i arrived home safe and sound :)

how about you? who is your savior?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


after posting about honeymoon suggestions, now it's about babies!!!

i'm just happy for two of my close friends. they found out yesterday that the wife is pregnant. yipee!!! after 1 year of waiting. i don't know if they have thought of a name for their baby. basta ako, i already have names for my babies. excited! hahaha. if it's a boy, he's gonna be named Kyle Vincent. but i'm still thinking if about kyle, but the vincent will really be there. i just love saying the vincent. hehehe. and if it's a girl, she's Samantha. her nickname will be Sam.

what about you? what will you name your baby?